Importance of Data Backup and Recovery

The importance of data safety to an organization cannot be overemphasized. Successful organizations tend to have elaborate data management systems that ensure that their data is always safe. Since the risk of data loss is ever present, they also have robust data backup systems that are updated regularly to ensure that they are consistent with the mainstream data management system. This data backup and recovery system prevents data loss in case of an accident, theft or fire leading to data loss. In this article, I will highlight the importance of data backup and recovery to an organization.Data Backup and Recovery

Helps in recovering lost information

Losing data can be very damaging to a company. Among other things, it can even reveal the company’s trade secrets to the advantage of its rivals. Data backup and recovery ensures that the company does not lose its data even if the mainstream data management system is corrupted, stolen or burnt in a fire accident. With the backup system, the company can still keep track of its progress and fast-track its operations in order to achieve its objectives.

Protects the image of an organization

Organizations are normally rated by the public on their ability to keep their data safe. Imagine of a situation where a public university loses all its data during a student’s strike that leads to burning down of its premises. How will the university staff and management face the public? What will happen to the student’s academic record? Indeed, such a university will have tarnished its reputation as a credible institution of higher learning.

It helps in the transition of company policies

Data backup and recovery also helps in transferring knowledge from one generation to the other. When an organization’s data gets lost, it is easy for the policies of the organization to get lost as well. However, with a proper data backup and recovery system, an organization’s internal controls and policies can be passed on from one generation to the other smoothly.

Continue of operations after data loss

data recovery benefitsData backup and recovery becomes critical when an organization loses its mainstream data. Without it, all activities of the organization will come to a stop. This may lead to big losses. For example, a company may be working on a multi-billion project when fire consumes all its data. If the IT department hadn’t backed up the data concerning this project, it may come to a premature end if starting over again is not economically feasible. However, with a proper data backup and recovery system, the company would just pick up from where it left before the accident occurred and move on.

Data recovered can be used as evidence in a court of law

You are always advised to document and preserve any information that can be used as evidence in case of a lawsuit. When data is lost through fire or theft and you have no data backup and recovery system, you are most certainly going to lose this case. However, if all your data is properly backed up and have good anti-virus software installed, you can easily retrieve all the lost information and use it as evidence in a court of law where necessary.